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I usually post a lot of fanart but sometimes I toss in an OC or two.
Fandoms: SNK, Hetalia, Oofuri, Homestuck (not so much anymore), Free!
pretty good for my first time drawing him >w>
im entering the demon design contest hosted by the avasdemon creator, and here’s my entry!
his name is Aquilo and he is (or was) a delegate of a frozen planet, until the temperatures became so unbearable the population was forced out in order to survive.
The name Aquilo is the Roman mythology name for “North Wind”.
He is majorly blind, and is only able to see some things, but only if they include intense colors. Even then they’re fairly faint and blurry. He relies on hearing most of all and it’s his sharpest sense.
He is fairly quiet, prefers not to speak much, and is a little intimidating by his cold demeanor. However he doesn’t mean to be that way, it’s just how he comes off. He doesn’t mind the cold as he’s become quite accustomed to it, to the point that he actually enjoys it. He is very gentle and withdrawn, and it takes a long time for him to trust others, but when he comes around he can form meaningful and strong relationships. 
Most of the time he keeps to himself, but every now and then he feels the need for social comfort. 
I have a feeling the ice concept is a little unoriginal, but for my first attempt i really like the outcome and I had a lot of fun designing him :)
so how is being dead going for ya
guess which post is going around
stop drooling
send me a character and a certain art style and ill draw them


so like a certain show’s style or another artist’s, ill try my best to imitate it!

how could you refuse those baby blues?



I was GONNA shade this
but then I didn’t
sorry :/
I always thought this would be a cute crossover, PewDie is Flynn Ryder and Marzia is Rapunzel.
I just hope PewDie knows this movie hahah

I must reblog it because PEWDIE MUST SEE IT.

i drew this a year ago and posted it under my old username/first one for this account
bite me.