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I usually post a lot of fanart but sometimes I toss in an OC or two.
Fandoms: SNK, Hetalia, Oofuri, Homestuck (not so much anymore), Free!
scuze me for the ass crack bg
i wanted to draw my 3 fave OC’s:
left to rigth: Marcus, Taylor, Giada
yay new character<3 
her name is Giada (you can pronounce it JEE-AHDA or JAH-DA) and she has icy powers that she usually uses as fists (idk how heavy they would be but her arms/shoulders/torso should be p buff from it) she can disengage the ice arms so its not like its constantly part of her
just pay attention to the one section of eren’s face thats like spot on mkay
jake doesnt have a submissions box so ill put it here tho idk if he’ll find but anyway HAPPY B-DAY JAKE 
Anonymous said: Hun you're beautiful the way you are. You can look like that right now. You don't need to work out to get a thigh gap or abs to love yourself because that's silly. Why wait to love yourself when you can love yourself right now?

i know i should love myself, but honestly i feel i would be happier if i was skinnier. i mean, im have been and still am wicked insecure about wearing a bikini, even a one piece, anything that shows off my body really. i wear baggy clothes or concealing clothes a lot and id like to be happier in my skin but im just not.

Ive wanted to be thinner for years, it even dates back to elementary school when i would see all the cheer leader girls and think i wasnt good enough. midle school was worse, and i went about the wrong way of losing weight during that time through the beginning of high school.

i appreciate that you want me to be happy, but im not really right now in this body. im really happy for anyone that can be happy with their body if its out of the skinny norm, kudos to them!! 

i know its kinda weird might to think ill be happier if i was skinnier, but i feel like i will be.

*prays that i can look like this some day*
happy birthday u fuckin meme
compared to my last picture of italy ive improved quite a bit!
drawing is hard